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Savona Bailey-McClain currently lives and works in New York City. She is an independent curator and producer.



State Of The Arts NYC Celebrates Third Year

November 13th marks the third anniversary of the radio show now podcast, State of the Arts NYC. Hosted by Savona Bailey-McClain, public art curator and local historian, the show offers a behind-the-scene look for listeners. According to McClain, "I am very proud that the show has covered the creative arts in all five boroughs.
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Immigrant Stories Dock at Governors Island in Two Exhibitions

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West Harlem Art Fund Returns To Governor's Island With The Exhibition Early Encounters

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10 Women Over 50 Who Are Redefining the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Lisa Laird Dunn, 57, Vice President and World Ambassador of Laird & Company, which holds U.S. Distillery License #1, issued immediately after Prohibition’s repeal. "I faced insecurities as a young businesswomen, but I now have confidence in myself in an extremely male-dominated industry. Yes, women are accepted and applauded in the business world these days.
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State Of The Arts NYC Host Partners With Literacy Partners And The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation For Read Across America

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State of the Arts NYC Will Present the Renaissance Revival Chorus for a Concert

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Alex Nogales Joins State Of The Arts NYC To Talk About The Oscars and Lack Of Latino Nods

"For years the success of the major film studios has been won on the backs of U.S. Latinos who represent 23% of all movie-ticket buyers and 18% of the U.S. population," Nogales said. "Yet, on- and off-screen and in the narratives Hollywood's movies tell, Latinos remain the most underrepresented minority in the industry.
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State Of The Arts NYC presents Talk On The Sexual Harassment Crisis In The Art World

Sexual harassment allegations have now hit the visual art world. Art Forum co-publisher Knight Landesman has resigned amid several allegations. More women have come forward. Now, over 5,000 women have signed the letter to stop these practices. Joining the show to talk about this issue and the letter, are representatives Lisa Dent and Lumi Tan from that website Not Surprised.
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State of the Arts NYC's Lineup Hails Radical Breakthroughs, Movements, & Personalities

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How not to travel anywhere

TRAVELLING can work in opposite ways. It can come as wanderlust that gives one a feel of new horizons befitting a seeker. Or it can be a temptation to contaminate new climes with hidebound habits. Mirza Ghalib prescribed the first route in the 19th century. The second way has been popularised by Narendra Modi.

5th Annual Afro Latino Festival Gets Spotlight on STATE OF THE ARTS This Today

This weekend, the 5th Annual Afro Latino Festival will take place at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, based in Harlem. Additional satellite programs will also be held in the neighborhoods of DUMBO and Bed-Sty, Brooklyn. Advanced scholarship has closed important information gaps about the Atlantic Slave Trade.
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Savona Bailey-McClain currently lives and works in New York City. She is an independent curator and producer. The range of McClain’s practice has included sculpture, drawings, performance, sound, and mixed media. McClain is the Executive Director & Chief Curator for The West Harlem Art Fund, Inc. an eighteen year old public art organization and curatorial collective serving neighborhoods around the City. Her public art installations have been seen in the New York Times, Art Daily, Artnet, Los Angeles Times, and Huffington Post among others. McClain has installed works in Times Square, DUMBO, Soho, Governors Island and Harlem. Noted works include The H in Harlem, Counting Sheep, Story Piles, East River Flows and Loosely Coupled. McClain is now developing new digital installations and location-based interventions using a tour platform. McClain is a member of Arttable and radio host/producer for State of the Arts NYC which can be heard on Apple Podcast, Radio Public, Soundcloud, Castbox, Youtube, Mixcloud and FM Player.



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